Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Year

So it's been a long semester and also a very short one. There have been a lot of changes. I started college back in August and have been learning a lot since then. I've been learning about who I am and how to act around other people. I've been learning about faith and letting go. I've been learning about growing up and life as a whole. There are days when it gets hard. There are so very many moments when I want to go back to childhood. But overall, it's been good and I think I needed this change.
The holidays have been good. I enjoyed spending time with my family and getting a break from college life. I have enjoyed seeing everyone and an amazing time playing our new wii! I got some beautiful presents and there were some beautiful moments. It's amazing how the worries of life are washed away when in the presence of family and those who love you. I guess I just needed to be reminded. So for that reason it's been great. I am ashamed of the lack of entries I have written here and I hope to get back in the habit of it. For now, I will see you all next year!

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