Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Year

So it's been a long semester and also a very short one. There have been a lot of changes. I started college back in August and have been learning a lot since then. I've been learning about who I am and how to act around other people. I've been learning about faith and letting go. I've been learning about growing up and life as a whole. There are days when it gets hard. There are so very many moments when I want to go back to childhood. But overall, it's been good and I think I needed this change.
The holidays have been good. I enjoyed spending time with my family and getting a break from college life. I have enjoyed seeing everyone and an amazing time playing our new wii! I got some beautiful presents and there were some beautiful moments. It's amazing how the worries of life are washed away when in the presence of family and those who love you. I guess I just needed to be reminded. So for that reason it's been great. I am ashamed of the lack of entries I have written here and I hope to get back in the habit of it. For now, I will see you all next year!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May- Rejuvenated Spririts and Renewed Hope

I worshiped with Mara's church this past Sunday. I had a blissful time as I was continually reminded, despite my doubts, that I do have a place to belong. Whether in Russia, or American, I will always belong to God's family and even if His people don't accept me, He will. Thankfully, I was greeted and welcomed into loving arms and warm smiles. I made some new friends and I definitely will be back.
I have three more weeks of school and I'm pressing on. My Production for my Production class went well. Mom was quite impressed with me and she said she had enjoyed it. We forgot a few words and a few notes but it was alright. It still went well and the audience was entertained. My dance is this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. This Thursday is my dress rehearsal and Friday I have the talent show/spaghetti supper. We are headed down to south GA Sunday, so I will be bringing my school work with me. We'll come back up Wednesday. Thankfully I'll be here for my group.
Speaking of my group, let me just brag a little bit. Brittany is growing in the Lord. I have seen it even for the few days that I've known her. In fact, she made the difficult decision to save kissing for marriage. I am so proud of her and I am praying for her. You can, too, if you want to pray for someone. She is already being ridiculed and mocked. Pray that she will stand strong. Pray that I will know how to encourage her.
In conclusion, my life is picking back up. I am feeling less and less lonely. I do so ever need to keep busy. It seems my moods are better. I also need to get exercising again. I quit sometimes before spring break and haven't started back. It's taking a bit of a toll on the hips and tummy area. Need to cut back on sweets and press on with exercise. But anywho...
All in all, God is gracious. I have always known that, but I am prone to forget. He has reminded me of that and that He will always love me, no matter what.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Almost April...

And it has been forever since I last updated. I suppose it doesn't matter. It's not like anyone reads this anyway.
However, for you poor souls who do wonder where in the world I am, I am writing to update you. Let's see, where to start? Ah yes...
Bolt. I have now watched Bolt and it is extremely funny. I quite enjoyed it--it was refreshing and it actually had a point.
Monsters vs. Aliens...not so funny and not so refreshing, but cute all the same.
Superman II...I never would have guessed that I would like it so very much... ok wait...so I probably would have. I still haven't seen the first one or the ones not starring Christopher Reeves, but all in due time.
Arthur and the Invisibles is another adorable movie, starring that boy who played in the Spiderwick Chronicles whose name escapes me.
Let me see...what else is doing on that isn't media based?
I made a new movie and I found two new songs that I enjoy. Wait...that's media-based, too.
I'm half-way through with my Justice League script and I'm partially through my historical fiction short story for Creative Writing. I also read a new book called Redeeming Love and I am starting the Time Machine. That's not media is it? <.<
School...didn't occur to me I could update you on that. Let's see...school is...well...school. A week more to go before spring break. After that...the home stretch. Actually I'm already on week 30, so six more weeks... O_O
I'm going to an interview on Monday. It's an interview for the President's Emerging Scholars Program that I hope to be in for my first semester in college. We shall see if I get accepted.
Other than that...I'm just me--dreaming and creating and wishing I could be in the movies. But..."I shall not pass this way again," so I should enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, Thanksgiving was great. I've always enjoyed Thanksgiving. Last Thanksgiving, we were in Russia and my family hosted a big "get-together" for all the other Americans there. We had a "turkey-hunt" and gobbled into the camera. This year was a lot different but just as good.
We ate Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday at my great aunt's house. This was when all the great uncles and aunts, and second and third cousins gather. We don't know them that well and so there was, naturally, that moment of awkward..."hello..." Later on, however, things got comfortable. Our third cousins, Maggie and Ben, went over and got their golf-cart. Might I add that this was the very same one that I wrecked when I was 12 and Maggie was 11, but we won't go into that now. We zoomed around on that, played red-rover, played spoons, and watched the Jonas Brothers sing at half-time of the game my uncles were watching.
Since we have younger cousins, I often feel a responsibility to "entertain" them. When I was younger, I remember how it felt to be left out and I also remember how it felt to be "let in." I've always wanted to be someone that would "let in" the little ones rather than push them out. Red-rover helped with that. ;)
On Friday, we spent the day with my mom's sister and her family. Hannah (11) decided I made a great dancing partner. I could have done better had there been something besides jazz on. -_- We ended up watching Mork and Mindy and eating Krystal. They left and my family had a some time to watch a movie for family night.
Finally, on Saturday, I got to see my dad's mom and step dad. I got to see my uncle, aunt, and their kids. That was pretty good, except that we didn't get to spend much time and it was raining outside.
I forget how wonderful it is to be with people you love. Even though I didn't know some of them very well, there's still a feeling of kindred-ness toward them. It's like my heart knows we're related and because of that I love them and am thankful for them. And I guess that's what Thanksgiving's all about anyway. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24,2008 - Welcome

After an amazing 50s Sock Hop, a ginormous Thanksgiving Dinner, and fanciful afternoon of A Wrinkle in Time, I decided that I would start a blog. Y'all can keep up with me here so that those who really want to know about me can know about me while those who could care less, don't have to worry about me sending updates to them that they really don't want to read anyway. :D So, welcome to my journeys. The next update, after Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving and remember to thank Jesus!